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Click a thumbnail for a larger shot. All photographs taken by Todd Madson, copyright 2004, all rights reserved.

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Eight pieces of music from my CD, "Iterations of a Scene".

Another site with three recent pieces of music.

Another site with three pieces from my first cd, "A Passage from the Vault of Hours".

Three pieces of music from the past.

Soon to come, selections from Open Strings on Reflection and Pavilions of Forestlife.

Last but not least, the long delayed Colorbox, Loop 45, and Loop01 projects.


Stay tuned for my writing. Currently being formatted for web presentation.


Stay tuned for my artwork. Currently being formatted for web presentation.


Enter at Your Own Risk - Burnsville/Eagan Cable Television - 1990-1991 - 2 episodes.
Sketch Comedy (Acting, Writing, Improvisation, Music Writing/Performance, Editing, etc.)

Bending Young Will - (short film) - Doug VanOrnum - MCAD - Minneapolis, MN - 1990.

Ritual of Isolation - (short film) -Doug VanOrnum - MCAD - Minneapolis, MN - 1991.

YRU-Up - Bloomington Public Access Cable, 1990-1997.
Reoccurring character on call in show, the enigmatic "Mr. Hanson."

National Audio Theater Festivals 2004, West Plains, MO.
Meriwether Lewis, "They Buried Him On The Bluff" by George Zarr.
Directed by the amazing Marssie Menconi.

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