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New Nature Photos up at the Photography Site (14Nov04):

Click here for the pics.

Nightshot Condition: Nocturnal Sky Event of 08Nov04

Great Auroral Storm of 08Nov04.


The Wedding of Paul and Amy

The Wedding of Melinda and Jason.

The Wedding of Missy and Thad.

The Wedding of Margie and Bill.

Exothermic Reaction Events (see picture below):

Exothermic event number one. Minneapolis, MN - Fall, 2002. 3 meg Quicktime video.

Exothermic event number two. Isle, MN - 10/2003. 36 meg Quicktime video.

Exothermic Event number three. Isle, MN - 1/2004. Available NOW!
42.7 Mb MP4 movie file. Note: View this file in or other MP4 compatible movie player.

Note on Event Three:
This movie shows three different views of the 2004 event from three different cameras
and as a bonus at the end the 2003 event. Music as usual by aliensporebomb.

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