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Transportation Photography:

PGR 40, 42 and 38 in Northfield and Rosemount, MN, respectively, 31Dec04.

PGR 36 in operation on the high line. Incl. 5 quicktime movies with sound.

PGR 36 visits the ex-MNS high line for the first time in nearly 25 years. 21Nov04.

PGR/SOO/CP/MNS - October, 2004. Includes shots of the new PGR SD38-2 #42.

Humboldt Yard - October, 2004.

MNS 21, Railroad Museum, Union, Illinois - Spring, 2002.

PGR rail maintenance and reconstruction. Spring, 2002.

PGR rail maintenance and trackwork. Spring, 2003.

Union Pacific 3985 visit to Minneapolis-St. Paul, 2003.

Musical Instruments:

Jackson Soloist art photography.

Heartfield EX2 art photography.

Nature Photography (new as of 14Nov04):

Shots at night in late November of 2004.

Great Auroral Storm of 08 November, 2004.

Aftermath of a thunderstorm, 21 July 2004, Bloomington, MN.

Sunsets at Lake Vermillion, Tower, MN, 24 July 2004.


Convergence Con 2005.

Convergence Con 2006.

More to come including the cats!

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