Welcome to Madsound Studio 2008.

Madsound Studio:

Madsound is a multichannel project studio capable of recording voice, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, synthesizer - essentially anything you can imagine.


-aliensporebomb (recording artist)
-Hydravian (recording artist)
-Crash (recording artist)
-Irene Hartfield (recording artist)
-Jeannie Burlowski (Professional School Application Advising)
-Scholarship Learning Company
-Melinda Melin (performance art realization)
-Jones Harrison Residence Spirit Committee (morale building presentation)
-Todd Murray live theatrical presentation.
-Ionosphere Casting Shadows Live ambient music production.

See Testimonials below!

Why Madsound?
Madsound studio is a small studio located south of Minneapolis Minnesota designed for audio jobs that are perhaps too large for a small home or computer based recording studio yet too small for a big studio.

Large studios have lots of capability but are also very expensive. Madsound can do a lot for you and your project at very reasonable cost.

Madsound also allows you to "proof of concept" an idea in miniature before committing to a larger facility to see if the idea is feasible.

Just some of the things we can do for you:
-Mastering of existing material for CD, analog or digital.
-De-noising or clarifying existing analog or digital source material for improved presentation.
-Conversion of analog sources to many digital formats.
-Consulting and troubleshooting MIDI setups/issues.
-Troubleshooting mixing/tonal issues.
-Pitch correction/editing of problem pieces/segments.
-Recommendations on equipment or evaluating customer issues.
-CD-R / CD-RW / DVD burning capability.


"Todd Madson of Madsound did an absolutely outstanding job converting my instructional cassette tape series to CD. His customer service was phenomenal, and his rates amazingly reasonable. I can't recommend this service highly enough."

"I went to Todd thinking that all I needed was a direct swap from cassette to CD. What I got was a professional re-working of my material, complete with an absolutely magical noise and hiss reduction.

Thanks, Madsound!"

Jeannie Burlowski
Professional School Application Advising
St. Paul, Minnesota

What's Madsound sound like?

Audio Sample see MP3 of track "Time" (3:45) here.

All instruments played, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Todd Madson at Madsound, Bloomington, MN in February 2008.

Inquiries? contact crash at the domain visi dot com.