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This is the instrumental music of multi-instrumentalist Todd Madson and several of his conscripted cohorts.

Performing music you wouldn't hear on commercial radio.

That's a good sign, for some. If you like this stuff, there may be hope for you yet!

Below are the five "internet only freebie" aliensporebomb releases recorded between 1992 and 2005.

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pavilions of forestlife
pavilions of forestlife
iterations of a scene
iterations of a scene
asymmetricon-difficult music vol. I
open strings
open strings on reflection
vault of hours
a passage from the vault of hours

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Reviews, Critiques & Commentary and Kudos:

"Clever alien types! Rather than the cliché frontal assault with clumsy death rays, ASB delivers a payload of 17 ethereal rock songs that will keep you praying for an outer space invasion well into the wee hours of the night.

There are plenty of progressive chops to please the ‘guitar guys’ but they're thankfully subordinated to the dictates of the chill, ambient aesthetics on display throughout. "

-Psychopompos Blog.

Gods of Music said "With David Gilmore-esque classic rock guitar god style, asb's soaring guitar riffs give a much more transcendent and impressive feel to ... this recording."

chrish, a Gtroblq member and recording artist said:
"You never fail to craft lush,engaging "sights" for the ears and mind,and your guitar playing is distinctly unreal."

Ken Rubenstein, independent recording artist (once on the cover of Guitar Player magazine in 10/91) said:
"Todd, your s**t kills." (Thanks, Ken! Likewise!)

Ken also recently added regarding this track " very impressive, bud.....the comping at about 2:30 is quite dangerous. It's kind of like if Holdsworth played on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.....great great. (blush! And I really love your new track with Wendy Parker and and Charlie Zeleny on drums called "Smallest Words" - so cool!)

Dan Stearns, amazing microtonal composer and guitarist has said: "Really cool super enjoyable music... and hell it's even got heaping piles of fun, hopped up guitar too. So if you haven't heard the bomb, what are you waiting for!"

Sonik, of the site, a visitor to my Zebox site said:
"pretty cool stuff man, loved that galaxy tune."

Infinite Ego and Bofatron Sofasaurus of The GtrOblq Mothership itself
said of Eta Carinae a 16 minute long fusion workout with the Jam Lab
(I played guitar and keyboards, Kurt Angel: Drums, Paco Craig: Bass:)

"You've got serious and legit fusion chops on display. And I don't mean that in a
Gambale fusion way ... the phrasing is organic and on the edge rather than exercise-based....

This is excellent mood-enhancing music that manages to keep you on the edge of your
seat due to the great guitar lines.
BTW, that studio preamp sounds kick ass. Again,
totally pro chops and phrasing. You gotta feel good about this."

(Yeah, IE, I also feel good about what you had to say. Big understatement. Thanks!)

He also said: "He is the BOMB baby! Great guitar playing!" (Thanks IE!)

David Renelt, of Munich, Germany said of the self-titled ASB track "Very great guitars!"

Aeolian from from the Bay Area of California said of my playing on a take of Robben Ford's "Help the Poor" was "nice and inventive melodic lines and cool rock tone. And then at the end he reveals prodigious (pro-digit-ous ?) chops and burns the last chorus."

Mike_V from the old Harmony Central Forum said of "Daybreak":
...I subconsciously have this song going through my head. I realize it's there and stop to think what the hell it is. It is your DAYBREAK. I love the main melody. The Bass Line is great and what is the keyboard instrument you use in the background? (It was a PPG Wave btw. -asb).

Great tune. I listened at work earlier and it is stuck with me.

For those who have not heard this tune. DO SO! It is wonderful. Go, what are you waiting for? Shoooo, go, go download and listen, now!" (Thanks Mike!)

Ed DeGenaro, a great fusion player and THD proponent said of my recent take on "Psyched", a 15/8 collaboration with RedAnt in LA "Your clip was way more ethereal than I expected, totally took me by surprise. Dug the recklessness of it a lot."

And r0g3r Sullivan, guitarist extraordinaire said of the same track: "Sweet... I like the part where you really start going off.... You're a legato freak man!" (heh! thanks Roger!)

More reviews soon!

[NEW!] Musicians! Check out my "Demo to Final" page on how the tune "Life" came to be written and arranged.

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