Jason and Melinda's Wedding
Melinda and Jason got married and I was there to capture the fun with a camera.  These shots aren’t in any way meant to be professional, but I did happen to get some interesting shots of the events that happened that day.  Despite Melinda being struck by lightning and
bit by a turtle shortly afterwards they’re both still married so give them a hand everyone.
The Organist At Work
The Pipe Organ
Kate and Melinda
Melind and Kate Sing
The Groom’s Party
The Bridesmaids
The Officiant Gets To Work
The Wedding In Earnest
Lessons Learned
The Singer Sings
The Happy Couple
Almost There...
All Married Off Now...
Buyer’s Remorse?
At The Reception
Viva Denmark
More Couples
Half a Couple Anyway
Another Couple
Not Really A Couple
Another Couple
The Happy Couple
Another Couple
Happy Guests
Another Couple
More Guests
Happy Family
Another Happy Family
Happy Guest
Another Couple
Where’s Bill?
Julie and Kevin
Cindy (and Todd)
Manly Men
Table Finery
Get With The Program
Todd’s Awesome Dinner
Cutting the Cake
Cakey Goodness
Julie and Kevin (again)