MNS/CP/SOO/UP • 12Oct04

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The pictures you see in this website are from three locations:
-The Nesbit area of the MNS main line, approximately 25 miles south of Crystal, MN.
-The Lakeville PGR operation (pan around & #74 operating, #67 was being washed when I was down there).
-The Northfield area near the terminus of the MNS main line.

Sights at Nesbit:
-PGR SW1500 #2347
-SOO and former Milwaukee MP15AC #1532 and #1543.

at Lakeville:
-PGR #74

at Northfield:
-PGR #42 (gorgeous and shining, a moment after I took these, a PGR employee was waxing the unit.)
-Two rental units worth photographing since when they're gone we won't see them again here.

Movies at Nesbit and Northfield:
I have many quicktime movies of the Nesbit exchange and two at Northfield - click Here for a link to the movie bank.

Movies are all 640x480 at 30 frames per second.

Oh - for interested parties - I have full resolution 2272x1704 shots of these for any wanting better resolution. Just ask.

PICT0025.JPG PICT0029 PICT0030
PICT0031 PICT0033 PICT0039
PICT0040 PICT0041 PICT0045
PICT0046 PICT0048 PICT0049
PICT0050 PICT0052 PICT0055
PICT0056 PICT0057 PICT0058
PICT0059 PICT0087 PICT0088
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