Nightshot Condition: Aurora Borealis - 08Nov04

These pictures were taken on the night of 8 November 2004 in Bloomington and Shakopee, Minnesota of a vast auroral storm that occurred that night. The shots taken were done between 20 and 30 miles south of Minneapolis, Minnesota that night.

The camera used was a Minolta dImage Z2 4 megapixel camera in low light mode.

I was not using long exposure mode (which at the time I took these was clueless as to how to activate - I've since corrected that problem!) so I'm ready for the future.

The vast majority of these are green although I saw blues and pastel greens at different points in the evening. At one point a large square pastel green box appeared in a curtain of emerald and giant navy blue curtains appeared. In some of the shots, dim red spots can be seen in the green.



All content copyright 2004, Todd W. Madson, all rights reserved.

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